Miss, Could you step over here…

by - September 21, 2011

Apparently if you try to go through airport security crying your eyes out, you will be considered a person of interest to the homeland security guards on duty. The Lord supernaturally empowered me with the strength to walk away from mom and dad at the Little Rock National Airport Sunday evening. It's not that I believe I have to be there for things to be ok...it's more like climbing up out of the trench and waving goodbye, when you would rather be in the trench with them fighting with them, next to them. But, I climbed up. I think the man who checked my baggage and had to tell me more than twice where to take it probably walkie-talkied ahead that I was on my way. As I walked closer to the check point a guard motioned to me and said “Miss, could you step over here.” You’ve been randomly chosen for further screening.” Randomly huh? I was still crying. She asked if I had the “sniffles.” I said “no, I’m crying.” She asked for my ID which was stuck in my wallet refusing to slide out of its little plastic slot. After a few minutes of watching me try to get it out embarrassed and apologizing…one of the three guards surrounding me took my wallet to try and get it out himself. No luck. So they emptied my wallet which included Ethiopian currency that seemed to confuse them. Looking more suspicious by the minute, “You been to Ethiopia lately?” one of them asked. “Yes," I answered still crying. Then I was informed they would be doing a residue test with swabs on my hands. I was hoping I did not inadvertently have bomb making residue on my hands. What household ingredients can make a bomb? Had I been into any of that this morning? It probably didn’t help that I still had my sunglasses on to try and hide a little bit that I was crying. Between the aviators, the crying, the foreign currency…I figured I was about one outburst away from a night in a Little Rock prison. (Hold steady Haley. Dry it up, or they might give me something to cry about.) I had no residue though and turns out neither crying nor wearing sunglasses indoors is against the law so they let me go on my own recognizance. Next stop…take off my shoes, and getting stopped by the guard who would thoroughly dig through both of my carry-on bags. She handled everything then pulled my toothpaste out, shot me a look, and told me to throw it away. I guess this might be a good time to admit to my roommate that I’ve been using her toothpaste these past few days. Thanks Jackie.

I finally made it passed all check points; called my brother; called my Riann. They settled me down. I decided it was unfair for the person stuck next to me on the plane to have their day affected by some weird lady with sunglasses on crying next to them in a confined space. Let’s call him Joe… a father of 3, grandpa of 2, brother of 1 sister whom he helped move to Arkansas on Saturday, and husband to 1 good woman who is a bible-study leader and brings him special breakfast on Friday mornings. Joe never suspected a thing behind my sunglasses. Though it is kind of weird that he didn’t think it was kind of weird that I was wearing sunglasses in the plane. Thankfully, I liked listening to Joe talk, and Joe enjoyed talking. He persevered passed my face being turned toward my book until I finally just closed my book and turned toward him. Joe wishes his youngest daughter would kind of get her life together, but his older two kids are doing pretty well. He gets to work on time every morning. That’s just how he was raised. He doesn’t understand young people today. He could not believe he forgot to take his fishing pole to Arkansas, and slept better last night than he has in months because of the cool Little Rock temperature. It was raining as we were entering our final dissent into DFW. Joe pointed out the view behind me out my window seat 24A. Here is what I saw...


Two Lady Birds picked me up from the airport. Then I drove back to Carrollton in pouring rain, left my luggage in the car and went to bed. Right now is a time when there is only one set of footprints in the sand.

Mom and Dad will be in Little Rock for at least a month. Dad is wearing a neck brace 24/7 due to potential instability in his neck near his spinal cord. They will meet with the neurosurgeon tomorrow to discuss what needs to be done there. Then they will meet with Dr. Waheed on Thursday and hopefully get started on chemo.

Thank you still for your prayers. It seems like a book of stamps is harder and harder to come by lately…but if you might feel so inclined to send them a card or note while they are away from home those are always welcome. It is amazing how that gesture, even from people they don’t know, can be such an encouraging reminder that they are being prayed for and not alone through this.

Towne Place Suites Little Rock
Attn: Tim and Glenda Scully, Rm 302
12 Crossings Ct
Little Rock, AR 72205

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  1. I cried, laughed out loud, then cried again. You surely do get a lot out of a person when you share your heart the way you do. And those pictures! What a gift from God for you, and now for us too.
    Love you girl,
    Maureen Coates

  2. I love you, Haley... and those aren't just words.

  3. Nothing but love, hugs and prayers to you, Haley.

  4. Wow, we just saw this blog! Once again,we are reminded that sometimes ignorance really is bliss! We had no idea all this went on after we left you on the curb. Between Dad's neck race and my love-hate relationship with the GPS, we were totally self-absorbed with IF we could get back to the apartment with me driving. Glad things worked out for you, and glad you were there for Joe! How exciting that God allowed you to see through the storm! What glimpse of His majestic creation! Anything else you haven't told us?? We love you! Oh, we got a "shower" of lovely cards today. Several from people who saw our address on your blog. We are BLESSED!