On my way to an important play...

by - October 08, 2011

I'm on the train again. I've shown you the pictures before. It's the same tonight. I still kind of love it. I'm on my way to Oklahoma City to see my oldest niece Jordan perform in her school play.

I have two beautiful awesome nieces Jordan and Kaitlyn (Jordi and Birdie) and one amazing nephew (Shawn Michael). They are all three great kids and I could write about their talents and personalities and how much I love them, but also really really like them... But, Jordi is in this spotlight tonight because I'm travelling to see her in a literal spotlight, its her Senior year, and some of my friends will remember parts of her story. It's good to remember her story.

Jordan was born Christmas day of my senior year, and now she is a senior. (that part makes me puke) She came into this world in dramatic fashion. We tend to laugh a lot when all of our family is together. On Christmas Eve 1993, after some singing around the piano and laughing till we cried, my sister-in-law began the process of going into labor nearly 3 hours away from their doctor and hospital. Leigh is never one to make a fuss...so she just kind of quietly began keeping track of what was going on and by the wee hours of the morning I, who was asleep on a pallet consisting of a sheet and a Mamie quilt in front of the front door with cousins asleep in various spots on the floor around me, woke up to my brother and Leigh stepping over me to walk out the door. I somehow faded back into sleep, until maybe just 30 minutes later my parents were stepping over me, telling me to go ahead and sleep but they were following Chris and Leigh to Edmond because Leigh was in labor. "Ok. I'll go back to sleep. You guys drive safe." That's not at all what I said. They left though. And not too far behind them my cousin Riann and I were on the same road. And not too far behind us were the rest of our crew with Christmas dinner in ice chests heading to the Edmond hospital. They brought baby Jordan out in a Christmas stocking later that evening. Still one of my favorite days in all my days.

Jordan has not lost dramatic steam since that first day. She is enthusiastic, and inspires that in others. She's just fun to be around and play with. She dives into whatever she is into. Art, soccer, youth group, AP Euro. I went to Arizona to stay with the kids one time while Chris and Leigh were going out of town. Jordi was in early elementary school. She liked Happy Days. So she would set her alarm early and get herself ready so she could watch it before going to school. I would get out of bed and find her sitting in the dark, totally ready for school, backpack on, watching Fonzie. Kind of freaked me out a little. She's just totally herself. Unaffected. Good head on her shoulders. Does what she wants. I admire her.

At 1, she moved to Oregon. At about 3, she was doing Elvis impersonations and ballet class. At 4, she became a big sister for the first time and then moved from Oregon to Arizona. She sang songs in foreign languages, didn't take no for an answer, and would end long distance phone calls with "call me tomorrow!" She liked talking on the phone. At 5, she was the flower girl at our cousin Jennifer's wedding and and the following week she was diagnosed with leukemia. The world stopped, and changed forever. Long story short: She's a senior this year in her school play. When she was going through cancer she would tell you she had the "geeky leukemia." When she lost all her hair one of the first hats she wore out in public was a witch's hat from Halloween. Then she wore a pink headband on her precious little bald head until all of her hair grew back. She told her cousin Ian when he spent the night "I'm taking my headband off, and I don't have any hair." Ian said, "I know." She thought her puffy cheeks and belly from the medicine were funny. As a little artist, one time after coming home from the hospital she drew a picture of herself in her hospital bed. She drew a man standing by her bed. "Who is that Jordan?" "That was Jesus" she said. 5 year olds get to see what we sometimes can't.

I got to take Jordan's Senior pictures a few weeks ago. Here are a few of my favorites:

So tomorrow night we will watch her perform in her play. She will undoubtedly be the best one up there, just ask any of us. :) Play hard. Ride the train. Love the people you love with all your guts, till you're worn out. Be enthusiastic. Jordan Sierra Scully. Things I'm thinking about tonight.

Here is another of my favorite pictures of Jordi. She was in her hospital bed at age 5. Pink headband, bald head, princess pillow, all her toys and enthusiasm. If you look close you might be able to see Him. He was there. She drew His picture.

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  1. Beautiful woman! She obviously takes after her aunt. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating her... and LIFE! Love you.