by - July 05, 2011

It's 4am Addis Ababa time. I'm looking out the window at the lights of the cities that dot the coast around the boot of Italy. I seriously just typed that. I've seen that boot on maps, and although my feet haven't touched the earth there, my eyes have seen the lights that outline the sole and tip of that fancy Italian boot. I've just asked for my 3rd little can of ginger ale, and having turned my in-flight radio to the Andrea Bocelli station I'm feeling inspired to write. I don't want to forget these moments.
Jess and I are occupying row 39 seats k and L. I'm by the window. I love being by the window. That is a big deal for me, for those of you who know I've been known to lose heart a little prior to flying the past few years. My heart is full today. We are flying on Ethiopian Airlines. I suggest it. I have a pillow, a blanket, one of those silky little eye cover things you see in movies, knee high socks and a little mini toothbrush with toothpaste. Let's just say my satisfaction is easily bought with little presents. Our flight is filled with Ethiopian people who are gracious and accommodating. We have been greeted with smiles and courtesy every minute of this journey. I find myself wanting to hug people...but I am reminded to maintain composure.

The man in front of me is reading a book on Market Research. One chapter was titled "What test markets won't tell you." I cannot imagine why anyone would want to read that book. I respect his choice, and hope he gets what he wants to know from it, but I can't be more serious when I say I would never.

I keep thinking to myself “how did I get here?" I am really blessed that God continues to make the world a lot smaller for me. I love where I'm from, I appreciate where I've been, and I am totally intrigued and surrendered to where I'm going. When I am so focused on trying to consider what I am getting out of life I'm discontent, anxious and frustrated...when I am focused on Christ's life in me and through me I get to be apart of some pretty amazing moments. Like this one as I find myself on a plane high above the earth, sippin Ginger Ale, looking at the lights of Italy, and now listening to the new Greg Allman CD Low Country Blues. Good sound. PS, I just got to feel baby Walling kick. "It" better not be getting sassy.

What a wonderful fascinating world. I hope I get to see more of it. What an infinitely wonderful Savior who loves us more than we give him credit for. And way more than we ever show one another. I pray I know him more everyday.

The stars look really close up here, and I just found Joshua Tree under the oldies section of the that possible? Is this album oldies? It’s not. I just got this cassette for my 13th birthday, and that was the other day. I was wearing a Debbie Gibson hat when I opened it. I’m hitting play, and I kind of hope we're not almost there...

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