Suit Yourself

by - March 15, 2017

When I think something is a good deal, or exciting, or something interesting people should try I like to mention it.   Sometimes when people mention stuff, or want you to listen to something, you just don't want to.  Like my Riann and a certain 90's Christian music band that she always wanted me to listen to when we were kids.  The more she suggested it, the more I didn't want to; until I did, and then I liked them.  You may find some of these thoughts and suggestions interesting enough to try, or you may not.  Suit yourself.  But for instance...

Thai food.  If you grew up in Oklahoma it is likely you did not have a taste of Thai cuisine until recent years. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe you have, but in case not ...It's really delicious.  I like flavors of spicy with sweet, and Thai food offers this combination. If you haven't tried it, I would suggest it. Do you remember being hesitant about trying the new Hunan place when it first hit your town?  And, then you did, and then you were like, "I love Hunans!"?

Mumford & Sons.  Right now, my shoulders are shrugged up and I'm confused at my own thought that someone may not understand their genius. I can't. So, I'm not even sure what to type here. They go without saying.

Recently there was a recipe for spaghetti squash with peas and bacon.  I forwarded it to a few people. Believing God, by Beth Moore and The Grace Awakening, by Charles Swindoll, Cure For The Common Life, by Max Lucado...I've bought and given a few copies of those. My Realtor from last year, Brad Boone. I've handed his name around for those interested in finding a home. The cult classic movie about a radio station's truck giveaway promotion in the little town of Longview, TX. "If you can't play with the big dogs, get on the porch with the puppies." - RIP Bennie. Words to live by.   The name of it is a bit distracting, but you can google it. I have it on VHS and still have a VHS player so I can watch it sometimes.

I like good coffee and cute places to drink it. I choose my morning coffee cup based on my awakening mood.  I think it helps my day get started well, and I would suggest that to others. You don't have to do this, its just a suggestion. We share what we experience. Based on my experience, I would say don't drink coffee out of a boring cup.  You could get one that is pink, with delicate filigree looking vines and the words "Be Awesome" inscribed in gold. Get it for $3 at TJ Maxx like I did. Then drink your coffee out of it and be awesome. I drank out of it this morning.  I'm going to wash it and drink out of it again in the morning. A good coffee cup, like a good song, can take me to places, people or things I like to think about, so sometimes I drink out of one on repeat.

That product placement picture brings me to Instagram.  I highly suggest Instagram.  I used to dabble in photoshop. Now, click click and my pictures are done. Click, click, is all the time I want to spend on them. And, with Chatbooks, every 60 pictures I get a book in the mail for $8. Then, I can go back through my memories of this life, and this time, and while sitting still I can soak in all that the Lord has done and I am every day amazed.  Someday these Chatbooks may be on a shelf at an antique/second-hand store along with the rest of my things. They could be stacked next to the thousands of gently and greatly loved items, just like the ones I like to sift through at local antique shops.  Proof again, none of us can take it with us. And, that was my way of mentioning how much I like antique stores.  I would so much rather look at and have something with a little history than something shiny and new. Most of the time.

I'm not even going to mention  I don't think it's uncool at all that I know my own DNA profile.  If you want to debate or discuss it, I will.  I like a good strong conversation. I've been known to speak frankly and appreciate it in others. Most of the time. Also, I realize I mentioned after saying I wasn't going to mention it.

Below is a tree I drive by often.  It stands by itself far away from any other tree, and it is beautiful to me. It was especially beautiful draped in this cloudy sunset. I passed it once the night I took this photo, drove until I could turn around, and then went back to capture the picture. Something else I would suggest.  I've never once regretted stopping to get a picture.  I have regretted a few pictures I didn't go back and get. Probably a metaphorical life lesson in there somewhere. If that makes you think of something you regret passing by, go back for it.  If what you regret passing by is not something you would want to be posted on a billboard in front of your grandma's house, leave it passed by. Then, maybe pray a little bit about why you regret something your grandma wouldn't approve of.

I also liked year 40.  It's over tonight. It wasn't scary. It wasn't depressing.  It was really a bit like ripping a bandaid off.  The fear of it was much worse than "it," itself.  I don't mean when you slooowly peel a bandaid off and with each tug, your fear of pain is realized. That's when the pain is just as bad as the fear. I mean when you grab ahold of it and rip it off fast.  When it's over in a second and you can breathe and realize, that didn't hurt.  #thatwas40.  When I opened my eyes to it a year ago tomorrow, the drama leading up to the moment ripped off fast and it's been pretty great.

Along with these other thoughts and suggestions, for those of you coming up to 40, or 41, rip it off and enjoy it. Just a thought. A suggestion. Suit yourself.

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