Notes From Today

by - June 19, 2014

I'm back in Amman, Jordan, sitting on a patio because the weather is beautiful here with highs in the 80s and a really nice breeze, while listening to a sermon podcast on sowing and reaping as the Muslim call to prayer is ringing out overhead.  My ankles and hair are showing and I'm feeling a little self conscious.  Not everything has gone smoothly on this trip, but it has gone gracefully.  I was not surprisingly wound up before this trip, I'm thankful again for the people in my life that walk and pray me through those moments.  The flights were good.  9 hours to Paris.  3 hour layover. 5 hours to Amman.  When I arrived in Amman I walked down to the luggage carousel with my new friend who was on his way to serve  in a place where true hell is breaking loose.  The Lord is softly and tenderly calling to him, but so far he is not ready to step on those waves.  He can rely on his own strength to swim, so maybe he doesn't see the need to walk on the water. He does pray Psalm 144:1-2.  He told me to look that one up and I promised I would pray that for him as well.  I told him I am also praying that God would make His presence in his life very apparent and speak to him in those moments our prayers are answered so my friend will believe and know that God is with him.  I pray his heart and mind would be transformed so that he doesn't have to fight the waves, but is lifted up to walk on them through whatever storms he is about to face.  As he and I and about 9 others whose luggage did not arrive were ushered to the help desk, I was increasingly grateful he was with me.  His liaison here in Amman spoke Arabic, and as they figured out what needed to be done about our luggage I felt taken care of again, a long way from home needing help, and it was there. That's when God spoke to me and reminded me He is answering my prayers so I will believe and know that He is with me.  See how He does that.  That's a good time.  That kind of thing will make me go anywhere. 

Today has been a nice day of rest and peace.  Many times we fly in the night before training begins, but the flights got me here a day early this time.  It is so much less stressful, and I am really thankful to "be still," here in Jordan near the place those words were first given us, and "know that He is God."  This is a great place for someone who loves history and Jesus to hang out for a few days.  I'm not seeing any of that history from this hotel cafe where I've had two cups of strong coffee, but I've been reading about it.  You could probably turn on your tv and see more of it than I am.  I can confirm that Jordan is actually here though, and that it is just an hour and a half flight from Baghdad and 45 miles from Jerusalem. That's just a little further than Ponca to Pawhuska. I can also confirm that God is here or else, as any of you who know me or have read this blog know, I surely wouldn't be. 

Notes to self:  Don't get sunburned right before a trip.  Don't drink two cups of Jordanian coffee back to back with no lunch.  Relax. Pray for my friends.  Keep sowing.

Passport stamp.  

  This is on in the hotel cafe where I am sitting and sipping and writing and thinking.  
The view out my window.

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