Back in Sri Lanka

by - April 14, 2014

Going with the flow and trusting The Lord for his grace, sufficiency, stength and words have already been quickly put into practice since arriving back in Sri Lanka.  Let's get this out of the way:  It's hot here.  I sweat a lot, my hair is a mess, my clothes have been worn repeatedly (except for what I have been saving for my sessions at camp) and the stretching has already begun.  Now let me say this, I'm already incredibly blessed. Casey, who is with me on this trip and will be helping with the sessions is a real joy to be with.  I lived with her for over a year, but we have seen each other and visited more in these few days than we ever had the chance to before because of our busy and differing schedules.  I am encouraged by her testimony and her walk.  And her humor.  We are both Southwestern Counseling me, we've talked a few things out about that and we love our professors and are so thankful for their model of leadership, love and counseling and that they first introduced us to Hope For The Heart.  We are both Oklahoma girls, but she is somehow a Texas fan though, pray for her. I still don't know how that works.  She recently married Scott who is back in Elk City praying for us.

These people we are working with here in Sri Lanka are truly friends now, we don't hug out of politeness, I hug them because I'm thankful to see them and glad to get to spend time with them again.  Casey and I have also had time to prepare and think through our plans for the week.  God is stirring here, and the Church is excited.  We visited a church Sunday morning.  It was a stark contrast to the church I had visited just a few days before, but every bit as beautiful.

Tonight we had the opening ceremony for the youth camp.  Our friends here have gone to a lot of work to make this a very speacial week for the 575 15-30 years olds who are here.  That is way more people than I realized would be here.  But, I've been studying Joshua and Caleb, and David and Gideon as I have been preparing for this week.  I'm pumped up and ready to see The Lord follow through on his promises as we trust him. I don't think we will have to ask the sun to stand still, but I know who taught the sun where to stand in morning (to quote a song I really love)...and I trust him with this week.  Honestly, I had some real anxiety creep in on me leaving Rome and coming this way.    I e-mailed a few of my main praying friends and just told them I needed their prayers and what was going on.  The nearly 10 hour flight drug on and I got only just over an hour sleep (when I usually have no trouble sleeping on flights).  I was wrestling with some what ifs and what fors and with the smoochy couple in my row for arm rest space.  They needed more than their allotted space, and also must have been wearing days old clothes.  I don't really know why I was so antsy and aggravated.  I should have been at the height of thankfulness and calm.  I prayed and knew my friends and Chris and Leigh were praying for me, too.  By the time I landed the stress had begun to fade into remembrance of where my strength comes from.  The thoughts were captive and I was ready to see what The Lord has in store for this week. I trust Him.  He will do what He says He will do.  "As for me and my house"...I will serve The Lord.  Joshua was awesome. Here are some pictures from tonight:

The last shot of the night as I was walking toward our ride back to our hotel.  I hope they get some sleep tonight. 


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