Where The Trees Talk

by - February 12, 2014

I'm sitting in the Frankfort airport.  I just had some strong coffee, strong potato salad and a bit of frankfurter. "When in Germany..."  I'm with two co-workers that are just as pleased when we are all together as when we all take a little time to ourselves.  I like that in people.  I've been walking around the stores.  Everything is priced in Euros here, and expensive.  I bought a magnet that looks like a cuckoo clock and has Frankfurt written on it just below a little man herding goats.  When we landed we walked down those bleacher looking steps like we did in Ethiopia, so I did walk on German asphalt.  Didn't make it to soil.  But, I think it counts enough to add a magnet to my fridge.  

No one here knows it, but I've been going by my alias while walking around.  I'm also wearing my new black coat.  My other coat is red, and stands out too easy in a crowd, so at Burlington Coat Factory I got a clearance sale black coat that has some zippers and a turn up collar.  Just the kind my alter ego would wear through the airport in Frankfurt.  So she did.  Some of you know her by name.  She shows up when I'm on vacation, feeling a little sass, working undercover, or needing to be brave.  I've always had a pretty active imagination and she is part of it.  Judge if you need to. A couple of yanks are sitting next to me, on their way to Aberdeen according to the conversation bits I'm overhearing on purpose.  They look kind of military.  If things go bad here at the airport, my newly devised plan is to jump in whatever vehicle they commandeer and ride things out to the border.  I don't even know what border that would be, but I probably won't really need to...(it's just for pretend).

I slept most of the flight from Dallas to here, which was great.  It was the evening hours at home, but it was the overnight hours where we are headed, so being able to sleep will hopefully work to my advantage.  I've still been exhausted after having my bout with the flu last week.  There was a woman behind me that kicked my seat constantly.  I turned and gave her my best stern look of disapproval in the nicest way possible.  But, other than the moments she jarred me awake, I slept. I didn't even watch a full movie because we arrived almost an hour ahead of schedule.


Fast-forward a couple of days...It's midnight-thirty and I'm wide awake.  I slept a few of hours,  but now after laying here for a while, I'm going to take a minute to write a little out, and hopefully tired myself and my brain out.  Istanbul is fascinating.  The flight in was probably one of the most amazing sights my eyes have ever seen.  It was kind of foggy from a distance and at first all I could see were the tallest buildings rising out of the fog, with the ocean water reflected behind them and some mountains.  My first thought was "that looks like a kingdom."  Like a land far far away, where the trees talk.

We have done one very full day of training and stretching.  I love these people.  Quickly I loved them.  It seems to usually happen that way.  And as it usually seems to happen our commonalities far out weigh our differences.  There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to the heart, struggles of, and Hope for man.  The enemy deceives in the same way he always has no matter in what kingdom we find ourselves standing.  And our weapons to fight him still prove true for freedom...when we pick them up, practice using them, increase in proficiency, and take them to battle.  (Ephesians 6:14-20)  I may not always work in the same place, but I will always do this job.  Whether it is working it through in my own life, talking it through with family, friends, community or in kingdoms that take a long time to travel to or through...I love it.  This is totally the opposite of who I was, but still who I've always been.  Just redeemed, and made new, for what He has called me to.  There is no explanation for where I sit other than God IS.  Where we are defeated, victory awaits. (That last sentence is best read in a Scottish accent, just to improve the quality of your reading experience.)

I had my first shawarma sandwich today, and asked for ketchup.  My straight-iron overheated and singed the bottom of some of my hair.  After dinner at a local restaurant, I asked to be pointed to the restroom.  A non-English speaking waiter took me through 2 sets of doors and up a few steps to what is obviously a later in the evening Turkish dinner and nightclub.  Thankfully it was not too later in the evening.  To my left was a glassed in office with more than likely a Turkish mob boss and either his right or left hand man (ok, one more imagining) in a heated and smoky conversation.  I smiled and said hi, forgetting to remind myself not to, as I quick marched to the "WC" (water closet) directly ahead.  I stepped into the room saw the stall and then thought "that's weird to have a urinal in the women's restroom."  I turned around walked out of the men's restroom and over to the ladies.  My angels stay busy.  It's not all kingdoms and trench coats...you can take the girl out of Oklahoma, but...I think I can maybe put a period there, and get some sleep now. 


Tonight is a new night.  Not sleeping last night made today kind of difficult to get through, but thankfully it was still really great.  It was our second full day of training, and we've got one more with this group tomorrow, before we meet with another partner, then fly to our next destination.  This being my personal blog, I stay mostly to my own perspective and story of the events that happen.  This isn't the time or place to share their stories.  I don't want to take liberties and I definitely want to be respectful of their trust and privacy.   There are times it is ok to share, and times it is better not to share.   So that is why you don't read a lot about the other people I'm with or the specific ministry happening, but you do get some spiders and mob bosses.   Things are going great, conversations are fruitful, and good things are happening.  Thank you to everyone who is praying for us.  

Here are a few views out the front of my camera: 

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