Not Very Runny

by - July 14, 2013

I’ve always leaned a little toward scrambled eggs.  I like mine with ketchup.  I like fried eggs about as often as I like shrimp: once or twice a year.  Today it’s raining.  I love that; and breakfast for lunch at Angela’s, formerly known as Daisy’s, sounded delightful.  I use that word sparingly.  But, delightful for me can equal writing a little, walking in the rain a little, people watching a little, and just enjoying a little.  Today turned out to be a fried egg day.   Mostly I only like fried eggs that were made at Wrangle Heights or my mom’s kitchen.  They always knew what I meant when I said “not very runny.”  That doesn’t communicate as easily to waiters who didn't grow up with me, and aren't as invested in nurturing me.  My waiter didn’t punch me when I said “not very runny” (lucky for him, because I'm Irish) but I think I got a little bit of a “what does that mean” look.  He probably would rather I be able to articulate what I really want.  So I googled “how to order a fried egg.”  Here is what I learned. (P.S. in advance:  We don’t have shirred eggs where I come from.)

Over Easy – A fried egg that is flipped and cooked yolk side down only long enough to create a film over the top   of the yolk, leaving the center of the yolk liquid.
Over Medium – A fried egg flipped, unbroken yolk, yolk cooked to have a firm but wet-appearing center.
Over Hard – A fried egg that is flipped and cooked yolk side down until the yolk has completely cooked through.
Poached – Eggs that have been removed from their shell and then cooked in a hot liquid. The cooking liquid can be water, broth, or any sauce. Poaching in water is often used as a way to cook eggs without having to use extra fat. Poaching in broth or sauce adds flavor to the cooked egg.
Scrambled – Raw egg whites and yolks are beaten together and then cooked in a skillet. The beaten egg mixture is gently agitated as it sets to create a curdled texture.
Shirred – Eggs that have been baked in a ramekin (sometimes with butter, cream or other sauces) until the whites have set but the yolk is still liquid.
Sunny Side Up – A fried egg that is never flipped or cooked yolk side down. The whites cook until completely or partially set while the yolk remains liquid.


I learn so much writing this blog.  Moral to the story:  Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  People don’t necessarily know your familial dialect, or what you’re thinking.  If you don’t have the main-stream vocabulary to say what you mean…maybe google it.  Fortunately, my waiter today speaks Wrangle Heights, and “not very runny” brought me back a perfect fried egg.  He also brought me bacon, when I clearly spoke the word "sausage."  It’s not a perfect system.  However, even saying it the wrong way is better than saying nothing at all.  If I had just stared at him when he came to take my order, I wouldn’t have gotten any eggs, or bacon.  Next time I’ll know to say over-medium. 


Yesterday,  I found myself across the table again from a friend I’ve loved for over 15 years.  We had a cold drink, some nachos to share, old times and new times to discuss, and then when we didn’t think we could get any happier a Brooks And Dunn song from back in our day came on in the restaurant.  We had to just stop for a second and bask in the moment.  Nearly giddy.  Apparently, we are pretty easy to please.  Sherman, TX is a halfway point for us to meet.  I don’t think either of us ever expected that would be the case.    But, it has become our place.  Her husband and three kids are so great to let her have that time away.  Thanks Kenny. :) I know I’m a better person for it.  We went from place to place for hours just talking.  Talking about what God is doing in our lives, the ministries he has given us, how faithful he is to guide us (even when we weren’t asking him to), and how good he is to carry us up the mountains we may not have the strength or understanding to climb ourselves.  Before the night was over there was a little ice cream, a little coffee, and little browsing, a lot of laughing, a little crying.  She is always worth the drive, worth the effort to find the vocabulary to say what I mean, and mean what I say.  Hopefully, vice versa.  Good friends help us sort through tangles, and find our words.  Good friends > Google.  We may come up  with the wrong answer, but at least we'll be on the same page, together.

I don’t write a food blog, or a counseling blog, or a devotional blog, or travel blog, or mommy blog, coupon blog, photography blog, fashion blog (although, I could write a jean skirt blog, anyone?), or music blog, politics blog, or even always grammatically correct blog. But, if you smash all of that together and run it through a blender (or a ringer whichever you prefer), and you add a dash of tmi, suspense, joy, love, memories, friendship, hope and thankfulness for God’s grace then you have this blog…I think.  It’s kind of muckeldy dunn.  You don’t know what that means?  In my family I think it means kind of a mish mash.  Don’t know what that means?  Maybe, Google it.  Those are the only words I have .  Or, meet me for coffee and we can talk about it.  Good friends > Google.    

All that to say:  Here is a little musical part of this blog.  The Decemberists.  Everyone else may already know about them, but I didn’t.  And, I love them.  Everyone has different musical tastes, but if you've liked any of the music I've mentioned before, you may like The Decemberists, and I think they are worth sharing. Here is a playlist of their music that I really, really enjoy listening to.  Especially, on rainy Sunday afternoons, when I get to write a little, and have a little breakfast for lunch at my favorite neighborhood diner.  Think "indie folk" according to the world wide web.   I hear a twinge of Ireland, but maybe that’s just my ears.  I tend to listen for Ireland.  Whatever it is, I like it. 

The Decemberisits:
Don’t Carry It All  Click Here To Listen
Rox In The Box
Down By The Water
The Crane Wife 3  Click Here To Listen
Calamity Song
This Is Why We Fight
June Hymn
January Hymn
Sons & Daughters
Rise To Me  Click Here To Listen

I hope this blog leaves you with a little more confidence to order your egg fried, in case like me, that was a confidence you were lacking.  I hope this blog leaves you thinking of a friend you want to spend some time with, and that you do it.  And, I hope this blog leaves you with a few new songs to enjoy. 

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