Comfort and Joy

by - December 25, 2012

And so this is Christmas…

This morning I woke up, put on my new sweater robe that feels like cashmere and cost like cotton, and went straight to the window to see how much snow we got overnight. Here’s how much: none. But that’s ok. Then as we one by one got out of bed, fixed our cup of coffee or hot chocolate and found our way to the living room, we got ready to open gifts. Youngest to oldest, Shawn Bon Jovi to Grandma Bonnie, one at a time so we can see what everyone gets. I got a little sign to hang about being an Aunt that made me tear up, because I love being an Aunt because I love my nieces and nephew...even when they severely beat me at Farkle. I got the perfume I asked for, and an Oklahoma coffee cup to drink coffee from while in Texas. Happy sigh.

Comfort and Joy.

This has been a really good week. Mom’s birthday was Tuesday, and I was able to make it to OKC in time to have dinner with her and Daddy, Chris, Leigh, Jordan, Birdie and Shawn. On Wednesday we shopped and drove around a few neighborhoods in Edmond just checking things out. We had a Christmas concert, and a church party to attend Wednesday night. Then a little time was spent looking at Christmas lights. Happy sigh.

Comfort and Joy.

On Saturday we had a Christmas get-together with the Harmon side of our family. We missed Kyle Ray, but everyone else was at my parent’s house for soups, snacks and sing-a-long. We are cheesy, and we are ok with that. Growing up, on Christmas Eve, we always sang Christmas songs together in my grandparents little living room. Piled on top of one another. In pjs. Some singing harmony. Pa singing base. Cigarette smoke wafting (eventually everyone kicked the cigs). Coffee. Usually at least one person sick, and one kid crying, and some of us being told to sit down and calm down. Some things don’t change. We had a great day together on Saturday. Happy sigh.

Comfort and Joy.

Katie, me, Shawn, Chris, Mom, Dad, Jordan, Leigh

Here is our serious group picture.

My brother Chris, and my Dad.

Uncle Mike and Ryland

Lane and Isaac

Isaac, Jennifer, Macy, Emily, Sloan, Riann, Parker, Jordan

Mom and Macy       

The piano. Happy sigh.

 Grandma Bonnie                       


Aunt Jeana, Mindy and Hope

    Our musicians.                                

Baby Sloan.  This was her first time.
Sunday began with seeing the church family I grew up with and ended with a night with friends I grew up with. Seeing their faces in the faces of their kids is ridiculously cute to me, and laughing like we were still in high school is ridiculously fun to me. We closed down Mazzio’s pizza which our friend who owns it was gracious to allow us to crash. I love these friends.  Happy sigh.

Comfort and Joy.

Dawn, Sarah, Me and Tiff. Thanks for this picture Justin. :)
Seeing all of these friends and family makes me remember just how much I have to love. There is just something about this time of year, especially after the year we’ve had: the cancer, the trials, the trips, the reminders in this world of how short life can be that makes me stop and just soak in love. Be thankful for love. "Love with urgency, but not with haste." Appreciate love. Enjoy love. Express love. Celebrate Love.

The Love that brought heaven to earth. God to man. Born to die, so we may live. Freedom from death and sin. Abundant life that has nothing to do with things, and everything to do with our heart. So that come what may, we may have Peace, because we have Hope. Jesus. God rest ye merry gentlemen. Let nothing ye dismay. Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day. To save us all from Satan’s power when we were gone astray. Oh tidings of comfort and joy. I've had the refrain from Jami Smith's version of this song in my head all week.  Maybe you will like it too. Click here to go to her video: Jami Smith - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Happy sigh.

Our family nativity. 
Merry Christmas.  I'm so thankful to have shared this year with you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing all this Haley! Filled a huge hole of missing ya'all in my heart! Prayers and always and my love from this corner of Barnsdall! Howdies all around!:):) Margaret

    1. Margaret thanks for your prayers and howdies! We love that corner of Barnsdall, and it is always good to hear from you. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!