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I have been storytelling on this blog for almost a year. It's my favorite toy. It's my testimony. It's one way I try to share how God's grace comes through in my life. It's a canvas I love to decorate. It’s the…I can’t think of any other cheesy metaphors to put here. Well, actually, I can. But, I’ll stop anyway.

I write today sitting in a big gazebo. The kind you see in old movies in the middle of a town square.  The wind and the nearby train whistle are blowing, like the American and Texas flags over my head...and my hair in my face. I just walked through Georgia’s Farmer’s Market where I will buy  produce for my table and geraniums for my balconette, when I move to this neighborhood in June. I just signed the lease and am already enjoying the neighborhood.

I don’t know how long I will live here, but as of yesterday, I know when I will live here. Like Ponca City, Edmond, Stillwater, Tulsa, Barnsdall, Fort Worth, and Carrollton…Plano will soon be a town where I once lived. It is the first place that I have chosen to live since leaving Tulsa. Even though Ladybird Manor ended up being one of my favorite places ever, I didn’t go into it by choice, but by necessity. Where I live now has been safe and comfortable, but by necessity.  I'm surprised at how much joy this move is giving me and its still two months away. It's also only a 4 minute drive to work, which means no more anger management moments on the highway! I’ve been looking here for over a year just waiting for the timing to be right, and it seems as though it is.  Philippians 4:19

This moment of serenity was just interrupted by a little boy who got too adventurous, apparently crossed a boundary his mom had set, and suffered the consequence about 6 feet from me. Live and learn little guy. His wild eyed smile was worth my being interrupted. I kind of have a wild eyed smile right now too…but, this is not an adventurous escape like he just tried to commit. I have had my share of those, and suffered the same consequence as him. This is another adventure in faith that  continually leaves me being Surprised By Joy; which is the name of a book by C.S. Lewis I picked up yesterday at Barnes & Noble before dinner at Cheesecake Factory with a friend. What a lovely weekend.

I’ve started working on something else aside from this blog, and if you are reading this, I would love your input.  I am asking for you to share a story with me this time. I am really interested in examining our motivations for doing life. The people, places, things we build our life around. In my life I have had all sorts of motivations. Some have meant good for me, and some have meant not good for me. Maybe that is the same for you? I also know sometimes I haven’t even stopped to consider my motivation, and I just set off for the goal. Why did I even have that goal? We just barrel through, sometimes confidently, sometimes flailing. In examining our motivations we may find the inspiration to make a change; or we may find the confirmation to be still. No two stories, no two motivations are the same.

So, I’m doing a little research, and maybe this blog will be a catalyst to gather some motivations stories. A little different take on the usual “motivational” stories we like to share. Personal experiences and stories are how we learn. 

Professionally, I am a counselor now which means I have actually been trained in confidentiality. It’s not a superpower, but it is a promise. I may tell my own stories as frankly as even I am sometimes uncomfortable to share them, but I would not share yours in the same way. The project I'm working on is not for this blog. If you are so gracious to share a story with me, that would mean you are ok with me using it.  And you understand that I would change parts of it for the sake of it being confidential.

So, what motivates you?  Maybe you would want to write about one of the following:

What/Who is the biggest influence in your life?

What event/time did you witness that changed you forever?

How did the family you grew up in impact who you are today?

How does your family today impact who you are?

Why do you work where you work?

Why do you worship who you worship?

Why do you serve who you serve?

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

What makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning?

What do you regret?

What do you hope for?

If you think you might be willing to share your story of what motivates you please write a few sentences, a paragraph, a page or a chapter. Maybe this will be a testimony you will be able to share with others.  Share with me as little or as much as you would like. It may be a sad story; a happy story; a story in progress.  A story of faith, or a story not of faith.  There is no right or wrong story to share, or way to share it.  There is also no time limit for sharing your story.  I had some time to write today, it was a gift.  You may have had a gift that would have prevented you from writing today, or tomorrow.  No rush.  If in a month you have a minute to sit still and think about this...send it to me then.  Even if you have connected with my blog through a friend and you and I haven't met, I would like to hear from you.

It doesn't hurt to ask, right? E-mail to  If you know of others who might be willing to share their stories, would you consider sharing this blog with them by reposting it on your facebook, or e-mailing them the link? 

I'm thankful to share, blessed that you read, and hoping you may consider sharing with me.

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