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by - February 17, 2012

So today out the window I saw parts of Texas I've never seen before. From the backseat of a rental, being driven and co-piloted by two of my co-workers, I rode along from Dallas to Houston. I have borrowed moments of this first day of our business trip and am using them as a get-out-of-town-get-away. I love the business we have to do, but business isn't all I'm doing. I love to go places. I love to road trip. I love hotels. I like little pit stops along the way and looking at other people's every day world. Sights like the sign for Pitt Grill Fine Food. Is it really?

The sign was cooler than the building.

The gas station gift and collectible aisle. Send me your orders. We'll pass through here again on Saturday.

And subtle reminders that I live in Texas now.

Tomorrow evening one of my bosses who is from here is taking us to Galveston for seafood. I'll probably get chicken, but the important part is I will get to see the ocean (He reminded me it is the gulf, but I'm counting it as the ocean.) I have wanted to see the ocean again for so long. The last time I touched it was in Tampa years ago on another business trip. I was in some little Greek shipping community. I pulled up to a little church, where there was a wedding going on, and I walked out to the water. I can't remember the name of that place, but I liked it. Business trips work out pretty well for me, and today I'm thankful to have a few days away. We are done for the evening. I am listening to my current favorite song. I have my coffee set up for morning. I have 8 pillows. The room is cold, the blanket is down, and I am relaxed and enjoying this day. It's been a long week.

This week was Valentine's Day. I'm 35 and single. It's not my favorite day. I don't dread it, or think that being single on Valentine's Day makes some big statement about my life. There have been years when I went all Bridget-Jones's-Diary-Opening-Scene on Valentine's Day...I'm human and a girl. But, Valentine's Day does not have a hold on me like it use to. Blame joy. It is, however, totally fair to say that when you are single it's just one of those days that isn't necessarily as fun as all the rest of the days.

Tuesday evening I was working on a project for the ministry I work for and one of the verses that came up was 2 Corinthians 12:9. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Which immediately reminded me of this Shane and Shane song that one of the Ladybirds made me listen to a few months ago (also the one I'm listening to right now. Click here and you can listen too I went to my desk and bought it right then, and have listened to this song on repeat since Tuesday. I was at work very late that night (or very early the next day) and all the way home this song and this verse just kept sinking deeper into my heart. Whatever in my life I worry with...His Grace is sufficient. Whatever in my life I am weak with, Christ is strong for me. His Grace is sufficient. Focusing on this verse and the freedom it gives is like taking a really deep breath for me. Any area that I am weak or unsure, He is not disappointed in me...he becomes strong for me and covers me with His grace. He shines through my weaknesses as I turn them over to Him. He doesn't expect perfection from me.

Which is a good thing, because the next morning on my way to work I hydroplaned and wrecked my car. Buzz kill. I was kind of in shock, and really disappointed. I've never wrecked before beyond backing into something and I don't count that. My tax return instantly became my high insurance deductible. I had committed in my mind and heart that money be used for a mission trip...I don't have one planned, but I knew that I would save it and wait for the right circumstance to be revealed. Well, circumstance revealed...that money is for me to use this time. His Grace is sufficient. That is His provision for me. He isn't going to cancel any plans He has for me because I wrecked my car. He doesn't retaliate against me, or take away His grace. I don't have to panic. My needs are covered. Manna for the day. If He opens doors for a mission trip, He will provide for that too. His Grace is sufficient. His timing is perfect, even when mine isn't. As I am found in relationship with His Son, His grace covers me, and His peace carries me through cancer, car wrecks and Valentine's Day. Besides the seat belt bruise, some whiplash aches, and feeling a little dumb, I'm fine and my car will be.

Monday was Monday.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day.

Wednesday was wreck my car day.

Thursday was road trip day.

Friday is ocean day.

This week.

His Grace is sufficient (even abundant). His power is made perfect in my weakness. He delights to show me his love and provide for me, and I delight to tell others about it. Not just for the sake of storytelling...but so that you might know Him too.

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  1. Is it bad that I read this while driving? Yes, it is. I stopped after reading the part of ZUKE. You are such a good writer. I have a feeling we may see a book in your future. I have a feeling that those Lady Birds might be in it. That idea makes me giddy and completely nervous for many reasons. I love you. Thank you for being a light in my life. I love your blog posts!

  2. I love your bloc posts!